The Rumble in the Roads is an annual one-day off-season FIRST Robotics Competition hosted in Newport News, Virginia. The off-season event grows and strengthens the FIRST community in Hampton Roads by exposing new students, mentors, volunteers and sponsors to the excitement of a real FIRST competition.  The Rumble in the Roads is proudly presented by FRC teams 1610 Blackwater Robotics, Triple Helix Team 2363, and 5957 CAT 5 CyberCanes.


The event will be held on November 2, 2019 at:

Heritage High School

5800 Marshall Avenue

Newport News, VA 23605



The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges high school students to raise funds, hone teamwork skills, and design, build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks in competition with an international field of competitors.  Technical and non-technical mentors from industry partner with FIRST teams as a way of promoting STEM education, inspiring the next generation of scientists and technologists, and exposing students to various career options.  Through FIRST, students build not only STEM skills, but life skills such as leadership, communication, and self-confidence. 


What can my team do as a competitor at the Rumble in the Roads?

Thank you for registering for the Rumble in the Roads!  As a competing team, you can expect to:

  1. Have fun!

  2. Relive some of the excitement of the 2019 season.

  3. Give sponsors, parents, and siblings a chance to see your team and robot in action.

  4. Gain additional practice time on an official FRC playing field.

  5. Impress and recruit new mentors, students, and sponsors.

  6. Test new designs and strategies for the 2020 season.

  7. Train new students, mentors, and event volunteers.

  8. Build teamworking and leadership skills.

  9. Network with local teams.


What can I do as a spectator at the Rumble in the Roads?

As a spectator, visitor, or invited guest at the Rumble in the Roads, you’ll be able to watch dozens of 140-pound robots compete 3-versus-3 to see who will be crowned champion.  You can visit the “pits” where you can inspect the robots up close and meet the students and engineers who created them.  You can enjoy the family-friendly event and discover ways to get involved in local efforts to promote STEM education.  Most importantly, you can do all of this for free!


The game:

The 2019 Rumble in the Roads will follow modified DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE rules. Rule changes will be posted by August 1.

Newport News Public Schools

Jefferson Lab



 Canon Virginia

Community Knights